Wielkopolski Capital Club

„Ludzie, którzy osiągają sukcesy, odczuwają naturalną potrzebę łączenia się”

About Club

Wielkopolski Capital Club is the apolitical, elite organization of entrepreneurs. It unites owners and directors of enterprises of remarkable personalities and the high social authority, managing the reliable and serious enterprises. For over twenty one years WCC has successfully integrated entrepreneurs of Wielkopolska, who with their attitude and activity, directly influence the development of Wielkopolska as well as the region’s position in the country and in Europe.

Honesty, reliability, seriousness and gentleman’s agreement are the rules respected among the Club members. The honour of the Club member is very appreciated.

A very important advantage of the Club is providing to its members the access to persons responsible for creation and realization of the law. Within this range, the Club gradually creates mechanisms of influencing the political decisions concerning matters related with the economy.

At present, the Club has got over 130 members who are owners or managers of 250 Polish as well as foreign enterprises, employing in total approximately 30 000 employees.

To become the Club member one has to get the recommendation of another Club member and accepted by all other members.

WCC membership is a kind of ennoblement, which becomes a commitment. At the same time it gives the guarantee that WCC members are the most valuable businessmen from our region involved in economy.


Wielkopolski Capital Club
61-739 Poznań,
Plac Wolności 18

tel. +48 61 851  89 28, 96 53
fax +48 61 851  89 26

e-mail: wkk@wkk.poznan.pl