Wielkopolski Capital Club

„Ludzie, którzy osiągają sukcesy, odczuwają naturalną potrzebę łączenia się”

Area of Activity

Club meetings
Club meetings serve mutual acquaintance, as well as establishment and maintenance of friendly and business contacts. It also serves development of cooperation between firms adherent to the Club members.

Lobbying activity
The aim of the lobbying activity conducted by the Club is to influence decision and legislative processes. The Club cooperates with politicians whose opinions are convergent with affairs of businessmen, offering its members access to decision-makers. The contact with representatives of local and central authorities, and particularly with the experts of economic problems is important.

Economic missions
Former experiences proofs that excursions organised by the Club lead to many interesting business-contacts. So far WCC members visited such places as: China, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Economic missions are great opportunity to learn about different countries, its unique culture and different styles of business. They also help strengthen friendship among Club members, made during 14 years period of WCC existence.

Club bulletin
A club bulletin is issued monthly. It contains reports with important club events, interviews with Club Members, economic information and it promotes the Wielkopolski Capital Club members.

Promotion among Club members
Club promotes firms adherent to the Club members by:

  • the catalogue entitled "The Best Enterprises of Wielkopolska" issued by Wielkopolski Capital Club together with the Polish Chamber of Commerce Importers, Exporters and Cooperation.
  • firm’s presentations during the club meetings
  • distribution of promotional leaflets
  • newsletter with current information
  • access to club database
  • organization of club meeting in Club members seats


Wielkopolski Capital Club
61-739 Poznań,
Plac Wolności 18

tel. +48 61 851  89 28, 96 53
fax +48 61 851  89 26

e-mail: wkk@wkk.poznan.pl